AJAZZ AK832 PRO Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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The Ajazz AK832 Pro is an compact 75% low profile mechanical keyboard perfect for both work and travel. With 81 keys, including arrow keys, function keys and home clusters it has a layout that is perfect while saving desk space. One unique feature is the LED screen that can show battery life, date connection mode and even photos that are uploaded through the Ajazz driver to personalize your typing experience.


Versatile Connectivity: Supports Type C wired connection, Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4GHz options for seamless device switching and multitasking if there is a need.

Gasket Mounted Design: The flexible gasket mounted structure increase typing comfort and speed for a responsive typing experience.

Outemu Low Profile Switches: Equipped with low profile Outemu switches with a travel distance of 3.0 mm, for faster trigger, which is a lot quicker response compared to traditional switches.

Dynamic RGB Backlighting: Has RGB backlighting with 20 different light effects to boost the visual appeal and user interaction.

Battery Life: The keyboard has a high capacity battery of 2500mAh and can be used up to 110 hours without backlight. This is ideal for long typing sessions and gaming. It features PBT keycaps with a curved design for comfortable typing suitable for use on Mac and Windows platform.



AJAZZ AK832 PRO Wired Mechanical Keyboard

AJAZZ AK832 PRO Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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