Ajazz AKS068 Three Mode Rgb Mechanical Keyboard

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The Ajazz AKS068 Pro Alice is a mechanical keyboard that sets new standards in ergonomic design and typing comfort. Its unique 65% Ergo Alice Layout divides the keyboard into two halves to perfectly fit the position of your hands. With features like a single B key and a split spacebar this layout is all about balance and user operation. The keyboard has a gasket mount system to create a consistent typing experience. It also included dampening materials such as silicone and cotton foam to make sure that every keystroke is pleasantly soft.

Key Features:

Ergo Alice Layout: A groundbreaking 65% split layout designed for enjoyable typing.

Advanced Gasket Mount: Ensures a consistent typing experience by enabling the keyboard to float within the case without screws.

LED RGB Backlight: Has 18 captivating effects that boost the visual appeal of your workspace and make your setup unique.

Triple Connectivity Modes: You can easily switch between Type C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz wireless connections for versatility and mobility.

NKRO & Premium PVC Type C Cable: Enables conflict input of multiple keys and provides a dependable stylish connection, for all your computing needs.

3000mAh Battery: Long use without frequent charges.

Can be tailored: Programmable via VIA for personalized key configurations and comes with lubricated plate mounted stabilizers if users wants to customize it.



Ajazz AKS068 Three Mode Rgb Mechanical Keyboard

Ajazz AKS068 Three Mode Rgb Mechanical Keyboard

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