REDRAGON GALIO PRO K637 RGB USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The REDRAGON GALIO PRO K637 is a RGB gaming keyboard that boosts your gaming experience with its 78 keys and different connectivity options. This amazing keyboard offers customizable RGB backlighting, sturdy mechanical red switches. It also supports Bluetooth wireless 2.4G and USB wired connections and it's a top choice for both gamers and professionals.


Mechanical Red Switches: Responsive keystrokes with the mechanical red switches delivering a smooth linear feel for improved gaming performance.

Customizable RGB Backlighting: Add your touch to your gaming setup with up to 20 RGB backlighting modes, adjustable brightness settings and customizable flow speed—all easily controlled directly from the keyboard.

Multi Device Connectivity: Connect the keyboard through USB C mode, Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 or 2.4GHz mode for convenient compatibility across different devices and setups.

Compact 78 Key Layout: The compact layout of 78 keys strikes the balance between size and functionality by including a number pad and arrow keys for efficient data entry and navigation.

Swappable Switches: Customize your typing experience easily by changing the switches with compatible MX style SMD LED switches using the hot swappable design feature.

Double Shot Keycaps: These keycaps are built using a double shot molding technique guaranteeing longevity and a high quality typing experience.

Media and Quick Access Keys: Easily control multimedia functions and common shortcuts with keys boosting your efficiency during work or gaming sessions.

Easy Setup: The REDRAGON GALIO PRO K637 it's a plug and play compatible, with operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux and easy connectivity with many devices.


REDRAGON GALIO PRO K637 RGB USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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